So there’s been a bug going around uni at the moment, but luckily my immune system of steel has kept the germs at bay, presumably using some sort of sophisticated satellite defence laser or the like. Also; I’m having bad luck with martial arts films. I was waiting for the release of The Man with the Iron Fists but it turned out it had come out a while ago in the U.K. on what seems to have been a rather limited release, and Tai Chi Zero, which looks amazing, still doesn’t have a release date over here despite coming out in the U.S. last October. I mean, come on!


I often doodled on the back of test papers back at school. It was during one of these drawing sessions that I came up with ‘Shrub’, a comic that I still enjoy drawing now. Much like ‘Falconry’ this comic was written in a 3 panel format, however unlike ‘Falconry’ this comic had a large supporting cast, all of whom had very unique personalities. The strip was about a tulip called Shrub, who was rather obnoxious towards many of the other plants in the garden.  His best friends were Bush and Spike, a bush and nettle respectively. His dad was an old tulip called Shrob and he was also friends with a mushroom called Chapeau and Dandelion, no prizes for guessing what plant he was. Very few characters had eyes, most only had a mouth and this meant that body language was very important in conveying  the characters’  emotions. I’d say that this was probably my first comic where the character designs were really distinct from each other, it was also a lot of fun coming up with jokes about plants. Who knows, one day I might even post them up on the site. Ciao.