Hey guys. Things are quiet here in Norwich (to which I have returned if you hadn’t guessed) since lectures are all finished and everybody’s holed up in the library to prepare for exams. This, much to my own chagrin, includes me, but I won’t let it have any effect on Every Button, I promise. In other news, I’d like to encourage anyone who feels like it to leave comments; we’d love to hear peoples’ thoughts on the story, art, characters, whatever.


To cap off my short history I’m going to write a bit about ‘ Every Button’. The comic’s conception happened rather spontaneously. Luke and I talked about working on a comic together and the idea for ‘Every Button’ sounded like a fun project to do. We spent a few months designing the characters; we came up with a few names and ideas. Luke did some initial character designs which I then tweaked and adapted to fit my drawing style. We then spent a few months working on a rough story and the jokes we wanted to tell. Once we were satisfied with what we’d made we began the process of writing a script and drawing the pages. I started drawing pages in February of 2012 but we didn’t actually start publishing them until August of the same year. Working together has been fun, we don’t always see eye to eye on every point and there have definitely been a few battles here and there but I think we have created something we’re both proud of and we hope to make it even better in the future. Thanks for reading, from next week I’ll likely resume my usual ramblings. Enjoy.