We have officially hit 50 pages. I’d offer you all champagne if pouring it all over my monitor actually gave it to people on the other side of the intertubes. Someone needs to invent that technology. Anyway, it’s been quite a ride and hopefully you’ll all still be laughing along with us by the time we hit 100 pages! All aboard the action train!


I’m typing this in bed as I’m recovering from a rather heavy night of drinking. I’ve got a serious case of the shakes so I apologise in advance for any spelling errors that I make. Usually when I wake up with a monster hangover I normally resolve to┬ánever┬ádrink again, but go figure, I’ll probably have another drink again within the space of a month. Since I’ve got the strength of damp newspaper today,I’ve just been watching ‘New Dominion Tank Police’. Its nice to watch something old school once in a while and the tank designs really remind me of SNK’s ‘Metal Slug’ which is cool. Tanks Away!