As I write this, sitting on a bed in the office of my parents’ house in Yorkshire, I can only wonder where the week has gone. It’s good to take a break every now and again.


University was a very eye-opening experience for me; it felt like was living in a very different world to the one I was used to. It was during this time that I begun designing a new set of characters, often in the laundrette whilst I was waiting for my clothes to dry. The character designs were based on voodoo/Hawaiian aesthetics and would eventually come together to form ‘Limbo’. This story was very different from my usual work from the outset. I dropped the spacing between panels and used indian ink to paint large black spaces. So much so that I would say its still my most visually striking work today. The rough story was about a young delinquent named Diego who is caught in a traffic accident and whisked to Limbo, a house located in a black void  of nothingness. The house is run by Malik, a wizard who runs a jazz club to entertain spirits one last time before they move on to the next life. To save his soul from eternal damnation Diego agrees to work as a waiter there and soon befriends Maliks daughter Azalea, a girl who for some mysterious reason has lost the ability of speech. There’s a good chance I will put this online in the near future. I’d even like to revisit this story sometime in the future as I’m still quite fond of the characters even now.