It’s been a while since my last downbeat post, but instead of moping I thought this week I’d go for a brief rant instead. In my last blog I sang the praises of Skullgirls for its gorgeous graphics and stellar gameplay, both accolades it deserves, but I have also discovered something that irks me. Due to Microsoft’s update submission policy, Playstation 3 users (i.e.: not me) have an inherently superior version of the game complete with an in-game move list  and extra palettes. The version of that update for the XBox 360 remains in ‘bureaucratic Hell’ and I can’t help but think that Microsoft is just shooting itself in the foot in this regard; their policy actively ensures that their competition is offering a better version of the same product. On a more pleasing note, the Indiegogo campaign I mention last week has made excellent strides (the second character, Big Band, is now fully funded, including his own stage and story mode) and the game’s director Mike Z has officially offered to license their engine out to Mane6 (the devteam behind the recently Cease & Desisted My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic, which looked like it was going to be the bomb) for their new project, for which they are working with Lauren Faust, who developed the incarnation of MLP the game was to be based on for television. Needless to say, I am excited.


I actually tried my hand at a super hero spoof comic. I’m not sure I ever gave it a title but basically it was about a group of intelligence agents who are forced to pose as  a super hero vigilante team. The twist was that they were all named after everyday jobs, Postman, Milkman and Repoman (not sure if our U.S readers ever had milkman – please let me know if you did). Basically their powers revolved around their respective jobs, so Postman threw envelopes like a ninja and Milkman fought with a high pressure milk  cannon. Repoman had lots of tools for repossessing his enemies’ weapons etc so it made for some interesting fight scenes. I notice that I incorporated a lot of close ups which would pull away to reveal something else, similar to the episode intros in ‘Rugrats’. On a different note I saw ‘The Room’ at my local cinema last night, I’ve never seen such a heavy barrage of plastic spoons before, it was an awful lot of fun and I recommend seeing it on the big screen if you get the chance, its truly out of this world, Bai-Bai.