I agonised for so long over how to start this off, but eventually I settled on a montage to introduce our protagonist. Jake was very patient with me during this period. It’s been so long since this page was actually drawn though, that I can’t really remember anything I might’ve wanted to say about it. Regardless, I’m pretty happy about how it turned out, and how it looks digitally coloured. Hopefully future pages will be equally satisfying, and all of you will enjoy reading them.


Hey folks! Its taken a bit of time but ‘Every Button…’ is finally here. The character designs in this page are a little different than what is to follow. Its been interesting watching these characters grow over the many months I’ve been drawing them. I hope you all enjoy and we’d love to hear your feedback. I’m looking forward to seeing the next page in colour, its pretty funny. I’d like to take this time to thank Luke for his patience especially with some of my more demanding requests. Ciao!