The horror of the tongue flex shall haunt me forever. This next fight coming up is one me and Jake have been looking forward to putting out there. Like every idea we started with, its undergone quite a lot of changes since the comic’s inception (for the better I’d like to think) and we wound up with something that had us both laughing as we were writing it, so hopefully it’ll get the same reaction out of you.


When I reached high school I spent a lot of lunchtimes working on my comics. It was here that I was able to develop some of my more outlandish ideas. One such example was ‘Splash’, probably one of the weirdest ideas I ever had for a comic. This was the story about a team of heroes, though strangely the heroes were a bunch of sentient bathroom utensils.  There was a toothbrush dinosaur and dental floss with a cowboy hat (wtf?) to name a few and they would fight against the evil of bad hygiene. Basically this story was a PSA comic. Normally this kind of story kind of annoys me but I can’t help but giggle a little thinking about those guys fighting waves of evil bacteria.  In many ways I’m surprised how open I was to experimenting with different genres when I was younger. However it would be my next comic where my character designs really came into their own, more next week…