There’s a delay between when these pages are finished and when they actually get posted on the site, so looking at the homepage each week is like a blast from the past for me. In other news, I’ve just noticed that WordPress has quite a few redundantly similar emoticons, and now I’m trying to figure out why…


Like many young artists, I spent a lot of my childhood drawing characters I liked from TV and comics. One of the longest pieces I ever wrote was actually a video game cross-over comic featuring a lot of well known video game characters. The basic set up was quite similar to ‘Captain N the Game Master’ in that it featured a young boy trapped in a video game world and the only way to escape was to join forces with various heroes and face off against their respective villains. Interestingly, a lot of the pages were split into 12 panels, way more than I’d ever consider using now. These days I don’t really enjoy drawing other people’s characters. A lot of the cast of  ‘Every Button…’ have really grown on me, its weird to say but when you work on a character long enough you really feel like you know them inside out so its a lot more fun to tell stories through them than characters created by someone else.