So I finally got around to downloading Skullgirls and… wow. I’m not going to say it’s perfect but for such a small project it’s astoundingly good. It plays like a dream, with a nice, intuitive combo system and it looks the business; it may well be the crispest and most smoothly animated 2D game I’ve ever played. I actually remembered that I wanted to play it because I saw this Indiegogo project to make new characters in addition to the basic eight (and if there is anything this game needs it’s more characters, not because that’s not enough but because everything in the world it presents is so bizarre and full of personality I can’t help but want to see more). On top of having the dedication to keep working on the project, the in-house staff at Lab Zero are working at reduced pay and the characters will be free on release. Basically, there’s no reason not to give them five dollars.


When I was a teenager I was really into sci-fi shows. At the time, thy used to show a lot of sci-fi shows on the BBC in the evenings. I particularly liked watching ‘Star Trek Voyager’ and the original ‘Battlestar Galactica’, they also showed ‘Farscape’ one of my all time favourite tv shows. Its no wonder then that I eventually wrote ‘Uni’, the story of an intergalactic police officer. Uni was a one eyed alien, not too dissimilar to Kang and Kodos from ‘The Simpsons’. The story was basically a parody of police procedural stories but it was fun to draw all the different aliens I could come up with. One thing I love about sci-fi is that its a genre that really allows you to be creative, It’s a genre I’d like to return to someday. Live long and prosper.