You see those forests and rivers below Mount Pain? Yeah, originally I had coloured them as lava. This is why communication is important.¬†As a fun insider fact, I’m going to let you all know that the script actually refers to Chung as ‘Obvious Julia Parody’. I don’t know if we did manage to make it obvious in the end, but I hope so. Who knows, maybe she’ll show up again sometime. Also, one of the people in the crowd has been dubbed ‘the most sexual being in the universe’ by Jake. If anyone can guess who and why, there might be a prize in it for them… or there might not.


Lets talk about Honda Tadakatsu – man was he a bad-ass samurai! Did you know he had a spear called Tonbo-Giri (Dragonfly Cutter)? Apparently, it was so sharp that when a dragonfly landed on it, it split in two! How crazy is that! With a weapon that sharp I imagine he was very handy in the kitchen.