Continuing the trend of upbeat, chipper blog posts, I have to say I’ve been having a lot of fun giving a friend of mine a little education in anime history. We just finished Neon Genesis Evangelion (including End) a couple of weeks ago and now we’re moving onto FLCL. It’s great to go back and visit old favourites; you see a lot of things you missed on previous viewings. For instance, try watching Eva with a guy who has a working knowledge of Qabalah. Weirdly this whole thing started with me showing him Dragonball Z Abridged, which you need to see if you haven’t yet. As usual, laughter is the most powerful tool of persuasion.


I was reading the manga ‘Bakuman’ this week and I realised that we currently don’t have a rival. In the story, the manga creators  Moritaka and Akito have a fierce rivalry with a manga prodigy called Eiji. This rivalry inspires the characters to push their work to even greater heights. After reading this I thought it would be cool if we had a rival of our own. Does anyone know any other webcomics out there which are similar to our one? If you do then please fell free to leave a comment, or if you just want to say hello thats fine too. We’d love to hear your feedback .