I like kung fu movies. Kind of predictable, I know. Recently I watched¬†Once Upon a Time in China which was good, but had a weirdly nationalistic vibe at times. The only thing more uncomfortable than watching something vaguely racist is watching something that’s specifically racist against oneself. Oh well; at least we got off easier than the Americans did in that film…


After waiting a few weeks my copy of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle came through the post. Its travelled all the way from Japan but the wait was worth it. I’ve always had a lot of respect for the work of manga artist ¬†Hirohiko Araki, especially since Jojo has influenced its fair share of fighting games. Its nice to see things come full circle and see a fighting game paying homage to such a long running work. I’m especially happy to see that Steel Ball Run and Jojolion are represented which are two of my favourite parts. The game also has the creepiest voucher I’ve ever seen, you peel away a girl’s face like a book to reveal the code… brrr.