Between scarring all our readers for life (see above) and preparing for exams, I’ve recently finished Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection), which, it turns out, is amazing. A strong game throughout, but towards the ending I was really blown off my feet. There’s a lot more going on there than most games can claim even now, and since I spend so much of my time with fighters, it’s nice to play something with a much greater emphasis on narrative.


I recently tried my hand at another super hero parody comic, although this one focused on a different angle than my previous attempt. The comic was called ‘Lion Man’ and followed the adventures of the aforementioned hero. The story was set in a city which had a number of super heroes, but followed Lion Man, the worst of the bunch. Causing more damage than he prevents he is assigned an adviser by city hall called Felicity. The jokes would have largely revolved around the banter between the two characters, Lion Man would always solve problems with crazy and damaging result and Felicity would always be exasperated by his actions and would have to reign him in. Unlike my previous attempt at this genre, the attention here would have been less on action and more on everyday matters. Next week I’ll discuss ‘Every Button…’ and how it came into being, and with that this brief history will be brought to a close, phew!