Looking back, I really ought to have made the text boxes on this page white instead of yellow; it’s meant to be a sort of visual code denoting when a narration box is from the perspective of a given character (as in the first page, which seems so long ago now) and when it’s from an omniscient third-person narrator, i.e.: the voiceover fromĀ Superfriends. Then again, I doubt anyone would notice all these little mistakes if I didn’t keep pointing them out.


I then tried my hand at drawing a simple comic similar to the ones you find in newspapers. What I created was ‘Falconry’. This comic was set in a bird of prey sanctuary similar to the ones in my local area, it was about a bird called ‘X’, a rare purple eagle that was impossible to train. Why purple? I think that was likely inspired by the old ‘Birdman’ cartoons I saw as a kid, I forget the name of the bird in that though. (Pretty sure it was Avenger ~Luke) This comic also featured my first ever human characters, which at this point had the eyes of characters like ‘The Simpsons’ and heads shaped like the humans in ‘Garfield’. I really struggled to design an interesting support cast here as I felt a bit restricted by the number of birds I could use. I would later go on to make a similar comic with a much larger supporting cast but I’ll get to that later.