As I write this my friends are discussing what to order from my local Chinese restaurant behind me. I’m too hungry to think properly right now so I’ll just make a brief observation. If you go places, you meet people, and some of those people will be interesting. Wisdom from an Oxfam volunteer.


The first comic I ever wrote was ‘Jed the Cat’, I was ten years old. Basically the only thing you need to understand about this character is that he is Sonic the Hedgehog except he’s a cat. These were basically little adventure stories; Jed and his pal Lynx would usually have to save the day from the evil Daryl the dog and his twin sons Mick and Mac. It was a fairly simple set up but even now I can see some parallels to ‘Every Button….’ ┬áin the art. I actually later tried to revive this character with a more original style and a darker tone to the story. This did not work out so well as the story lost a lot of its charm. Interestingly this comic was drawn in biro – as were many of my comics until I hit high school. Even now I often think that my drawings come out best using this pen. I generally use thicker lines for ‘Every Button…’ so that we can scan the pages in properly.