I’m cutting it a little close and only writing this blog post a day before the comic’s due to go up. That’s what I’m all about; living dangerously. Seriously though, this week Jake and I were saying that we’d know we were successful once we started getting some fan art and the like. So what are you guys waiting for? I for one am very much looking forward to reading the first Buffalo/Von Science slashfic.


This week’s page was an interesting challenge. I was keen to make the kick look as realistic as possible so I spent a lot of time studying gymnastic poses to get the panel right.  Needless to say, Mao can be tricky to draw even when she’s in a simple pose so I’m glad this came out the way it did.  Me and Luke went to see a screening of Satoshi Kon’s ‘Tokyo Godfathers’, I’d forgotten how great a film it was and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a Christmas film which is a bit different from the norm.