A nice simple page today; I already had the colour palettes for all these characters sorted out beforehand, and the backgrounds won’t be appearing again so it was pretty simple to breeze through it. You might have noticed that the font size changes between word balloons in the last few pages. This is because Jake draws them on manually and then the text is added digitally, and I generally try to make it as large as I can. We might be able to even it out later if we figure out a way to calculate how big they should be but for now this’ll be the norm.


I started drawing for ‘Every Button…’ about 6 months back. This means that we’ve already scanned and coloured most of the pages I’ve drawn and uploaded them to the site. The comics are actually released automatically by the website as we can program the publication date. Its comforting therefore, to know that even if civilisation should fall in the next week this comic will still keep going.