Given that, unlike Jake I have no illustrious history with which to regale you, here are some minutia from my day to day life. Dungeons and Dragons continues to go well; apparently I’m improving as a DM. Also, this week I saw Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror. To be honest, it felt like I was watching a late period Don Bluth movie…


Following ‘Falconry’ I then wrote ‘Roy Morph’. This was a story about a young boy and his pet, Roy Morph, a small, hairy creature with the power to change his shape. I actually quite like the purity and innocence of this story, Roy was very much like a child, always looking at new things with great wonder and curiosity. Naturally this would always land him into trouble  but luckily he always had a friend to look out for him. In many ways the character reminds a lot of Yotsuba from Yotsubato!, which is an excellent manga if you’ve not read it and one that really captures the essence of how children view the world.