Doing this page made me a little nostalgic for the early days of the comic. Of course, it also made me remember how hard picking colours that fit the mood you want to convey can be. I’m glad backgrounds have grown to have a more prominent presence as time has gone on.


This week I took a trip to my local arthouse cinema to see ”Blue Jasmine’ (I’m a bit of a Woody Allen freak don’t ya know). The film plays out like a modern day version of ‘A Streetcar NamedDesire’ and had a lot of good performances. Lately, between my job and drawing Every Button I’ve found that I’ve gotten addicted to ‘Groove Coaster Zero’. on my phone, its one of those rhythm games where you try and get the highest score you can. Its even more addictive since you earn new songs by playing the game regularly. The vocaloid tracks are pretty cool, its worth a download if you are into this sort of thing.