I was supposed to head up to my parents’ house in Yorkshire this Friday, but due to heavy snowfall that was put on hold for a little while. With any luck I should be headed up there the day this is posted, but in the meantime I went to an exhibition of Japanese papers that’s on here in Norwich. Jake and I went to a talk on the subject of Japanese paper making on Thursday, and it’s really amazing just how interesting one can make that sort of thing. Fun fact: even some clothes used to be made of paper in Japan, and the same substance was used to waterproof, fireproof and bug-proof such garments.


The last comic I wrote before going to university was a ghost story of sorts. It was about a teenage boy who accidentally unleashed a group of malevolent spirits and was tasked with returning them to whence they came. The boy was aided in his quest by a young spirit medium and her ghostly companion. The boy’s look was very urban, wearing a bomber jacket and having a white shock of hair not too dissimilar to the character ‘Black Jack’. The spirit medium was a young woman in very old ¬†fashioned robes so it was interesting how the two characters were opposite to one another. I later tried to write a similar story about a man who was being stalked by ghosts due to an ancient book he carried. I must have found the concept of spirits interesting because I would go on to write another story which I will talk about in more detail next week.