I’ve noticed that when I write the title of a film, game, comic etc. in my blog posts, I usually italicise it, while Jake tends to put them in inverted commas. This has no real significance, I just saw that there was a difference and decided to remark on it. Speaking of movies, the day this comic goes up I’ll be showing JakeĀ The Princess Bride. It’s a classic, and if I remember, next week I’ll tell you how he reacted.


So this week I was introduced to ‘Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs’. Its a 1980’s adaptation of an anime called ‘Star Musketeer Bismarck’. After watching this, I now have the desire to fly through the sky on a robot horse. I have to question why they decided to rename the giant robot ‘Ramrod’ though, call it puerile but I’m losing it every time they say the robot’s name. There were so many shows like this in the 80’s, including ‘Silverhawks’ and ‘Dinosaucers’, we need to revive this lost age of cheesy 80’s cartoons.