When I look at this page in retrospect (for me it’s a few weeks old now) I think I’ve actually come pretty far with my use of the gradient tool. Horribly ill advised clashes of colour are becoming less and less common. Last week Jake showed me the first half of a film called Love Exposure – it’s so long it doesn’t fit on a single DVD. It is truly bizarre in a way that defies description. Any attempt to put it into words would cheapen it, but if you like black comedy it’s definitely… worth experiencing.


For my birthday me and the guys hit my local sushi restaurant. I have to say I’m very impressed with what they can do with vegetables there, they cut cucumbers into little sushi containers, which was pretty cool. I recently subscribed to Shonen Jump digitally on my phone, its amazing how far technology has come since I was a kid. (personally I think Every Button looks better on smart phones anyway :-))  I’m really enjoying Naoshi Komi’s ‘Nisekoi’, a rom-com manga which is surprisingly less bawdy for a shonen series than I’ve come to expect, its certainly a far cry from Yasuhiro Kano’s ‘Pretty Face’, which is super funny and super pervy too. Ciao!