Jake seemed to enjoy The Princess Bride. He kept remarking that the music reminded him of old-school Final Fantasy and when I stopped to listen I realised how right he was. Also, lately I’ve been reading the rules to Pathfinder, which is kind of like D&D, but also kind of not like D&D. This is because it’s pretty much old D&D.


This week I’ve been spending my evenings playing ‘Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc’ for the PSVita. Its a thoroughly enjoyable title in which a group of teenagers are locked in a building and forced to murder one another in order to escape. The twist comes in the class trials, in which you have to expose the guilty suspect by refuting statements in a round table debate. The cast is really strong and well designed  too, so its always disappointing when one of my favourite characters meets a sticky end. I hope the sequel gets localised swiftly because now I’m hooked to this quirky little series.