I’m quite fond of what Jake did with Russel in panel 5. I downloaded The Stanley Parable this week, and have spent most of my time with it confounding the narrator. I’m wondering just what else I could do to irk him, and I’m sure there are more options than I’ve explored… Additionally, kudos to anyone who understands this week’s title.


I had a really good night Friday. I saw fireworks at the city centre which was really pretty. I like the ones which explode and then zip accross the sky. I also went to Epic Studios and saw The Orb. It was a really cool gig. I liked how the lights played off the ceiling as it was covered in riggings for all the lights and cameras. The videos they had on the projector were cool too. They even showed stills from the manga 20th Century Boys and clips from Kamen Rider which was pretty cool. Everyone had a great time and it was really fun dancing the night away. Stay Funky.