If memory serves Jake and I came up with the Chimaera in a McDonalds. The whole thing about the parrot and the toucan was one of those things you can’t stop laughing at when we came up with it. I knew it’d be a non-seqitur, but if I ever let that stop me writing something we wouldn’t have a comic. In other news one of my other brothers just turned me onto RWBY (which I had been meaning to check out for some time anyway) and I’m thoroughly enjoying Borderlands 2, and yes, I know how late I am to get on that bandwagon.


I hope everyone had a good Halloween. One of the best parts of Halloween is the chance for everyone to dress up. I spent the day in costume myself. Its funny how some people smile or try to make conversation with you whilst others pretend they never even saw you. Well no matter what it’s always nice bringing smiles to people’s faces. Hopefully Every Button is still doing the same for you folks.