I’ve been returning to some old favourites lately; watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and reading Unseen Academicals. In new stuff, my younger brother just picked up Cthulu Fluxx, which it transpires is divinely simple. There are good times to be had with both, although a lot of my time is still going to Borderlands 2. It’s amazing how long these things take when your life isn’t made up entirely of free time.


Yesterday I made Strudel :})> We kept it simple and made it using mincemeat and puff pastry. It was delicious served hot with ice cream, perfect comfort food now that the days have been drawing in and the house is getting colder. for you folks at home the recipe is dead simple. Just get some roll up puff pastry spread on some mincemeat, roll it up and cook until browned. It  would probably go great with custard too. Yum yum :})>