I emptied my bin recently. Apparently this happens rarely enough in my life that it’s an event, now. Not that I’m not wasteful, it’s just that I tend to leave it so long it goes from a bin to a large pile of sweet wrappers with a bin somewhere vaguely underneath it. I should probably be trying harder. Yosh!


I think I might have a serious milkshake addiction. Lately my flat has been full of milkshake bottles, on my desk, in the kitchen, I’ve got tons of empty bottles in my bin, but I can’t help myself, its so sweet and tasty. Years back I was staunchly a chocolate fudge brownie man, then I took to just drinking regular chocolate milkshake for the bitter hit it gave me. Now I’ve come full circle and am drinking banana milkshake which has a  mildly sweet but refreshing flavour. I’ve also switched from very thick milkshakes to quite thin ones. A sign that I’m maturing perhaps? Considering I’m still drinking all this milkshake… probably not 🙁