It took us a long time to settle on that last line. Was it worth it? Also, I was a little late registering this (I think the world at large has known for a while) but the writer of my belovedĀ Adventure Time comics is moving on to Marvel’s new run of Squirrel Girl comics. This would be a mixed blessing if not for the fact that he is set to be replaced by the Christopher Hastings, the mind behindĀ The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, which is one of my favourite things on the web. Check it out!


Yesterday I tried my hand at skiing for the first time. On my first try… I fell. Over backwards. On my second try… I skied a few yards and fell over backwards. But on my third try I skied all the way to the bottom of the training slope. By try 7 I was skiing and jumping. So remember folks, if you don’t succeed at first, pick yourself up and try again :})>