I’m really happy with the way this page turned out. It’s rare that I get the gradients to do what I want so precisely and I feel like the way Jake positioned the hit sparks gives the page much more of a sense of depth than we usually have here. In other news I’ve nearly finished watching Katanagatari. It’d not had a DVD release over here but if you like action shows with an intelligent side and some real soul I’d highly recommend it.


On Friday night I popped down to my local picturehouse to watch vampire spoof flick ‘What We Do In The Shadows’. This movie has had a fairly limited release over these shores and it’s a real shame because it is a very well written and entertaining film. The movie had really good practical effects and interesting camera work and I loved all the little nods to existing vampire movies. It’s definitely one for anyone who loved ‘Nosferatu’ or the Hammer Horror version of ‘Dracula’. Also it was nice seeing the guys from ‘Flight of the Conchords’ on the screen again. In other news Christmas is less than two weeks away, if you haven’t started your shopping yet… I’d probably start now :})>