So¬†Street Fighter V has just been announced. I shouldn’t need to tell you why this is a good thing, although it does mean I’ll have to buy a PS4. I like the look of the (admittedly limited) gameplay footage we’ve seen and judging by the age the characters look, plus the overall aesthetic, it looks like the game may be set after SFIII. I’d be interested to see what the ramifications of that would be plot-wise. If nothing else it might make for good material. If you’re interested check out the announcement trailer and this gameplay trailer.


Last night I went to see an ELO tribute act. It was an awesome night. The crowd had a really good atmosphere and it was really sweet seeing a lot of older couples dancing like they were teenagers again. I also like the fake wigs and drawn on beards the guitarists had on. (P.S totally stoked for Street Fighter V) :})>