When I was colouring this page we switched art programmes from Seashore to GIMP, which is somewhat more complicated, but let me do the effect with the yellow line in panel 6, so overall I think it was worth it. Recently what I’ve been doing the most is job hunting, but the fact that I’ve finished my course has at least given me time to work on the comic. Hopefully it’ll show in our next few submissions.


The past few months I’ve developed a real taste for green tea. I’ve stocked my cupboards with lots of different flavours and I’m always trying different teas when I go to cafes. I often change up the flavour depending on the time of day, in the morning I like peach tea which goes great with cakes. Afternoons I like to wake myself up with mint tea and in the evening I like to relax with lemon or cranberry tea. Jasmine infused teas give me headaches though so I tend to give them a miss.