I’m especially proud of the title this week. I like plays on words, and I couldn’t quite believe it when this one came to me. I’ve also just finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (at least according to the box; the episodes have the subtitle ‘The Legend of Aang‘) and I can only say I’m impressed at what they managed to accomplish within all the restrictions an animated childrens’ show must have been subjected to.


As mentioned a few weeks previously, as part of my year long ritual of general self improvement I’ve been making bento lunches for work. I ordered this awesome little box with a divider, a sauce pot and everything. So far I’ve been keeping it simple, eating tuna and rice with vegetables most days, but I’ve also played around with crab and sardines. I really love the bento art you see online and hope that I can one day replicate them. Who knows in the foreseeable future you may get to lay your eyes on a genuine Russel Creek bento.