You may be noticing something of a theme with Buffalo’s armaments. Either he’s a very strange man, or Jake and I are. Knowing us the mushroom cloud from that thing would have an adorable panda face like the skull-faced clouds from theĀ Persona games. speaking of which, what are people’s thoughts on the design of Persona 5‘s protagonist?


As I write this I’ve just returned from a day trip to London and I’m absolutely shattered. I had a really awesome day though, I spent a lot of it walking around Soho and Chinatown and it was fun checking out Tower Bridge. I also had a gander at the war memorial outside the Tower of London. In case you haven’t seen it, they’ve made a huge moat around the tower using thousands of ceramic poppies. It’s really cool how they’ve made it look like it’s splashing against the tower walls. Phew, looking forward to curling up in bed and resting my feet.