This week I’ve started playing Final Fantasy IX. Considering I’ve also had Tales of the Abyss on the go for a good while now, I’m kind of reaching JRPG saturation. Thankfully I’ve nearly finished the latter, so I might be able to move onto something a little less intensive. Now that I think about it, most of the games I own that aren’t fighters or brawlers are some permutation of RPG, not that that should really surprise anyone who reads this blog.  I think they might have something in common despite appearances, but I’d need to think about it a little more…


The other day I went to a fire safety centre for training to be a fire marshal. I have to say the course was a real eye opener, I’m going to be much more wary of my surroundings now as well as my own safety at home. I did get to play with fire extinguishers though, which was fun and a little scary at the same time. We just had a big procession in my home town this weekend, the floats were really good and everyone was having a great time. I also tried an avocado and chocolate milkshake, a combination which works surprisingly well.