After two years of playing together, my D&D group will be splitting up soon. University’s over and we’ve all got to move onto new things. I’m trying to wrap things up with a bang, but as ever I’m really not sure how well I’m doing. I even forgot to say things that I actually wrote down in my notes. Oh, well. I’ve got one more shot to really make things spectacular. Here’s hoping it works.


Me and Luke went down to Camden on Sunday to see Shonen Knife perform as part of their ‘Overdrive’ European Tour. The gig was amazing, they really gave it their all and there was real energy from the crowd that night. The best part was that they actually got Atsuko, their original drummer from 15 years ago to perform on stage, they even played classics like ‘Twist Barbie’ which I was really happy to hear performed live. Also whilst in Camden, I discovered the joy of bubble tea and had a look around London’s cartoon museum. All in all a very good weekend, here’s hoping this bank holiday winds up just as memorable 😀