As you might be able to tell, we’re about to move into one of the odder segments I’ve had to write so far. Jake seems to have really enjoyed writing it. In other news, I’m officially one third of the way through my exam period, with a busy week ahead of me. Don’t worry though; next week’s comic is ready to go and there shouldn’t be any interruption to your weekly scheduled absurdities.


After much delay, Persona 4 Arena has finally hit European shores and its every bit as good as I hoped. I’m still getting to grips with the roster though I quite like using Akihiko. I also watched Star Trek: Into Darkness the other night, the film was a lot of fun and its good to see Kirk and Spock on screen again. This year could be a good one for sci-fi what with Pacific Rim and Ender’s Game coming to our screens. What films are you folks looking forward to?