Cut it close with this comic. That’s happening more and more lately, what with my having a full time job and all. Also, for the first time in quite a while I’ve got another idea I really like, so I’ll be starting to cook something up in the background. Don’t be surprised if I come back with a shameless plug some time in the future.


Recently I’ve become a big fan of one pot meals. You can get some amazing results wit a few simple ingredients. I particularly recommend throwing chorizo into the pot as it goes quite soft and adds a real richness to the flavour. This weeks’ page was fun to do. It was nice doing a little nod to Goku’s instant teleportation move in Dragonball. I’m starting to think Every Button might need to be sillier. Guilty Gear Xrd recently had a character called Bedman, literally a man in a walking bed. It’s doing a better parody of fighters than we are ;})>