I was really happy to see we got a comment on the last page. I know I tend to talk about those a lot, especially since we don’t get so many of them, but I love hearing what people think about pages, and the chance to engage with our readers. I’m writing this at about ten at night and my brain isn’t doing so good so I apologise if I’m rambling a little. Lately I’ve been re-reading my Avatar and Adventure Time comics. You don’t get as much content out of American comics, but it’s amazing what a splash of colour can do for your mood.


Sorry for the late post folks, I was doing a bit of swimming this weekend and I think the chlorine affected my brain :})> It’s been fun drawing Buffalo again, I think he’s become my favourite character to draw. Look at that beaming smile, how can I not be happy when I draw him? To follow up what Luke was saying, I’d love to hear your comments on the world of Every Button so please feel free to comment. Who knows I might even send you a reply :})>