Hey, everybody. The page this comes to you with a grave announcement. Jake and I have talked things over, and both of our lives have changed a lot since we started this comic, and we can’t keep up with everything in the same way we used to. The upshot of this is that, first of all, once we finish the Bronze Fist Tournament, the comic will be ending. This does mean that the ‘Cosmo City Arc’ teased on our last anniversary won’t be coming, at least not any time soon. The other decision we’ve made is to move to a fortnightly schedule that we can keep up with and keep our actual lives in the meantime, so Every Button will continue for quite a while until it comes to its conclusion.

We’d just like to thank all of you for reading the comic until now. We hope you’ve enjoyed every minute we’ve shared, and that you keep enjoying it until the last page. And remember, keep on fighting :})>

~Luke and Jake