My job hunt marches ever onwards but a couple of good opportunities have come up and it looks like I may be in with a chance. I’m doing my best to prepare and trying to keep a positive attitude and on the whole the world looks a little rosier than it has for the past few weeks. This week’s page is brought to you by functionality of my art program that we will probably never employ again.


RRRWWOOOAAAAAR!!! I’ve spent most of my morning trying to re-wire the plug on my microwave. It came apart easily enough, but no matter how hard I try I can’t get all the wires to fit back in. My hands are starting to feel a little sore and I’ve still got this week’s page to draw. Perhaps I’ll try again this evening when it’s a little cooler. We’re having a bit of a heatwave at the minute so even small tasks are becoming very sweaty work. Phew