So, last post before Christmas. I’m not a terribly religious person and I’m usually kind of a cynic but I’m no Scrooge – in fact I love Christmas! Any excuse for rampant materialism and stuffing oneself with copious amounts of turkey and chocolate is fine be me. I hope you, our loyal fans (for a given definition of ‘loyal’ and ‘fan’) get a great haul of presents and have a thoroughly Merry Christmas. And with that I’ll see y’all on the flippity-flip.


The other day I dressed as a ninja for work, I have to say that this was a very strange experience. Going to the toilet proved to be a particular challenge, not to mention the suit was incredibly itchy and incredibly hot . The costume had a black visor so unfortunately I think I looked more like a cheap knock off of Robocop than a ninja. Speaking of robots, has everyone downloaded Street Fighter X Megaman yet? If not check it out on Capcom Unity’s website, its totally free so well worth your time.