Dungeons and Dragons went okay – and that’s the last I’ll say about it I promise. Something that’s actually been consuming my thoughts lately is Christmas (hey, it’s not that early) since my parents asked me for a list of things I wanted. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but between all the stuff I need to replace I can’t ask for anything major I couldn’t possibly afford on my own, which is what I’d normally do. I expect you can all guess what kind of¬†games I asked for though, right?


After much effort I have finally passed my driving test (my 7th test incidentally – its a lucky number after all). ¬†Perseverance will get you to your goals in the end so I shall continue to strive to make this comic the best that I can.¬† On another note I saw the film ‘The Life of Oharu’ by Mizuguchi the other day. Its a real classic from the golden age of Japanese cinema, I think I will need to seek out more of his work in the future.