Boy, did I have a time and a half trying to get this page out on time. Long story short my scanner broke and I just barely managed to fix it in time to get the page scanned, coloured and text-ified. Yeesh. So, you might’ve noticed our update schedule (look up and right) has switched to Sundays only. Don’t worry; this was always part of our plan. Now that all the set up is finished and we’ve worked through most of our backlog to build up a decent archive, we feel ready to switch to a schedule that matches the speed at which we actually produce the comic – Jake and I both do other stuff, you dig? Hopefully though, what’s already here has been enough to get you hooked and you’ll keep coming back. Having seen the next few scripts (while I was writing them) I feel confident in telling you all that you’re in for a treat!


¬†Aw geez! Now that we’ve actually hit the tournament I realise I’m going to have to draw a lot more action scenes. Lately I’ve been sitting down with a lot of shonen manga to get an idea of how we can make the comic look more dynamic. I keep playing around with the mannequin I have on my desk but I don’t know if it up to the task of some of the poses I’ll have to draw. Although the work is going to get more difficult its also proven to be a lot of fun to draw and hopefully it’ll get better with time. Toodlepipski!