As is probably kind of obvious, I’m usually a fighting fan, but recently I’ve been playing Fire Emblem for the Game Boy Advance. It’s a good game, but it’s so hard! I’m really looking forward to playing Awakening on the 3DS, since it has a casual mode. Come to me easy victories! Also, the exam week from Hell is officially over, which is good. I only have one left to go now, so that gives me about a week to relearn a unit pretty much from scratch. Could be worse, right?


Please never ask me to give you directions. Even when there are loads of people on the street, people always seem to stop and ask me where everything is (is it my face? Who knows). Of course I’m happy to help people out, but half the time I’ll later realise that I got their destination mixed up with another one. So to all those people I’ve misdirected over the years, I apologise.