Having nothing more worth reporting, I thought I’d share a couple of little anecdotes that are related to the comic. First of all, Jake and I (along with our youngest brother) watched Street Fighter Alpha the Movie, but my computer identified the disc as ‘Street Fighter Alphal’ and I had to agree. That movie was alphal. Also, I was browsing a name database website (you know, as one does) and I decided to look up Russel. It turns out that, coincidentally, it means ‘the little red one’. I only wish I had planned that.


Lately I’ve had a real taste for avocados, I’m practically eating one every day!  As far as fruits go, its a weird one. It looks like a pear but it tastes kinda… creamy. Then there’s that massive seed in the middle, I mean its huge. They ought to put a choking hazard warning on that thing. Also, you certainly don’t want to try and eat one before its ripened, it’ll take more than a spoon to scoop out the flesh when its that tough. I’ll leave you this week with a song. 1, 2 , 3  Avacadoooooooooooooooo!