In all honesty, I haven’t been up to that much over the Christmas holidays – Jake and I can’t meet up when I’m hundreds of miles away in Yorkshire, and all I’ve done for my studies is some light reading – but its been good to have the break. I’m almost sad to go back, but I think I’ll get restless if I stay here not doing anything for too long. You might have noticed the Facebook like and comment boxes; I finally figured out how to get those working over the break. If you like our page you’ll get updates about the comic and news about fighting games generally. Pretty good deal, I think.


Since I’ve had a bit of spare time lately, I’ve been brushing up on a bit of gaming history by playing the ‘Zone of the Enders HD Collection’. I breezed through the first game pretty quick, however ‘The 2nd Runner’ is brutal. I think it took over an hour just to beat the Vic Viper. I’ve also used this time to finish up reading ’20th Century Boys’ by Naoki Urasawa. I’ve always wanted to do a suspense story comic like the ones he writes. I’m hoping that my recent sketching work brings me closer to that goal.