I began playing two of the roleplaying games I mentioned in my last post in the past week and both were good fun. Changeling: The Lost is part of the World of Darkness collection of games, and revolves around the darker side of fairy tales. It’s probably the most interesting and fantastical of those games, as well as arguably the least grim in tone. The other game I started playing was Spirit of the Century, which is themed around 1920s pulp fiction. It’s very arch and just a bit goofy and it was a lot of fun. They’re both games worth giving a go, so if you can check them out.


I finished ‘Deadly Premonition’ the other day, despite the (many) technical flaws this title has, I would still rank it is one of the best titles I have played in a long time. This is largely down to some of the best character writing I’ve seen in a game, coupled with the bizarre nature of the story. I’d definitely recommend it fans of ‘Twin Peaks’. If you are reading this on the day of posting I am taking a trip to London today. It’s nice to get out of my hometown once in a while. Here’s hoping for some good weather.