Hey, paisanos. It’s-a me, Luke! (Like you expected anyone else…) Boy do I have a treat for you guys. Some of you may be aware that I wrote and self-published a novel a while back. As is typical of such projects it didn’t exactly set the world on fire so I took it out of distribution to submit to literary agents. That didn’t get me much of a reaction either. So I figure, I have this book written out and just sitting on my computer. I might as well do something with it. That something is making it available, one chapter at a time, for free online. I’m planning to post one chapter every Wednesday until the whole thing’s online. The book is called Soul of Clockwork and it has a Facebook page here. You can read chapter one on Deviant Art or on Google Documents. It’s pretty different from Every Button in tone but I hope you’ll all enjoy it anyway.


I just finished ‘The Last of Us’ last night. It felt like quite an achievement as I’d jumped straight into hard mode from the beginning. I certainly got killed a lot, my death count must be in the two hundreds. It was nice to see a zombie game which ended  in a way that avoided a lot of the typical clichés of the genre.