I was really pleased with the designs Jake came up with for all of the different versions of Russel. Every new page has me laughing at some unexpected little touch he’s put in. In other news¬†Shovel Knight wound up being part of the 3DS eShop’s January sales, so I finally picked that up. It’s as good as everybody says; tight challenging platforming in a world full of character, and even some genuine pathos for our pixelated protagonist. I’m only three stages in but I’d already call it a ten.


Yesterday I saw ‘Birdman’ at my local cinema. If you haven’t seen it already I highly recommend seeing it. Michael Keaton and Edward Norton have great chemistry together and I loved how the movie was made to look like one continuous take, transitioning from scene to ¬†scene by following characters to different rooms and down long corridors. Sometimes I wish we could do that sort of thing with comics. P.S I hope everyone had a good new years.