I’ve been really surprised by how busy I’ve gotten this semester. Between running D&D, doing this comic, trying to catch up with anime I really ought to have watched by now, volunteering at Oxfam, doing my university course and making new friends, I’ve scarcely had time to relax, much less put any of my other ideas into practice or think of things to write on this blog. So instead you’ll get some immediate observations: this one screw keeps coming loose from my chair, and five people living in a house with only one bathroom is not always the most convenient of arrangements.


I guess my next comic ‘No.8’ was my underdog story. This was another story I wrote whilst in primary school. The story was set in a fantasy world where board game pieces came to life (I must have been eating a lot of sugar as a kid). It starred a white pawn chess piece who joins the army in order to defend the kingdom against the other board game kingdoms that would try to invade them. He gets named No. 8 as he is the weakest pawn in the army, however he soon gets put into situations where he proves his real strength and valour. This story had a couple of funny characters, I particularly like the dutiful knight and the well-meaning but intellectually challenged king. I sometimes even wrote stories where these support charters were the main focus rather than No.8.  This actually turned out to be quite fun to draw as I didn’t have to worry about complicated poses as none of the characters had legs…Hmmm. I’ve now decided that from next week Russell won’t have legs. Enjoy.